Formed in 2008 as a community choir, The Wychwood Chorale has become an accomplished group that performs multi-part arrangements of classical, spiritual and popular works sung both accompanied and a capella.  It also includes The After Nines – a smaller group that is open to all members who want to spend more time rehearsing.

You’re welcome to join us either as a seasoned singer or if you’ve never sung before or cannot read a note of music.

We welcome new singers (men and women) to join us for a FREE TASTER REHEARSAL –
call Emma on 01608 659737.

Singing together for the community

The Wychwood Chorale

You Raise Me Up from our concert at St Nicholas' Church, Chadlington, Oxfordshire, 17 March 2018

Registered Charity – No.  1176863

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"I was thrilled to join the choir – it is friendly yet has an air of professionalism"